As regulations change and technology improves, manufacturers & suppliers are challenged to ensure their product or equipment complies with government, regulatory, and industry safety standards to protect populations or the workplace from potential risks associated with use.

With close to 60 years of product safety expertise, we help you navigate growing complexities in product safety compliance from testing & certification to global market access, bringing your product from development to end use faster and more cost-effectively.

Product Safety Testing Capabilities

cpsc consumer product testing

Test your product to virtually any product safety standard and bring the best product to market quickly, safely and cost-effectively. Expand your product to the global marketplace through MET’s Global Market Access networks.

Consumer Product Safety Testing

electrical safety testing, safety certification

Prove your product to the consumer before it ever hits the shelf. Test your consumer product to all applicable standards at MET’s single-source laboratories to save time to market and money on design.

Hazardous Location Testing

safety certification, safety test

Ensure your products’ safety in explosive environments. Bring your product from development to end use in accordance with government and regulatory standards with MET’s end-to-end testing solutions.

Global Market Access

cb scheme testing, osha approved, eu ce compliance, nrtl approval, osha certification, osha certified

Get your product to market faster. Take advantage of MET’s global network of partners and laboratories in order to accelerate your access to international markets in North America, Asia and Europe.